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Prefab granite countertops – When undertaking a reform in the kitchen there is an element, one in particular, the choice of which it brings us some more time. Almost more than the cabinets or tiles. Because it sees much because you’ll work on it every day and because you like better the material you have chosen, if you want abhor in a jiffy. We speak, of course, the countertops.

Posted on October 29, 2017 Home Design

There are many options on the market, but those that accumulate more fans, are: prefab granite countertops, followed by those of synthetic marble or Silestone, and last, the wooden countertops. It is a stone composed of quartz, feldspar and mica. Solidification on earth is a slow and natural process. Therefore, it is very strong and each piece is unique. Hence the granite is a favorite for kitchen countertops materials. In addition, its value-durability is optimal. Not one of the cheapest materials, but one that has more advantages. Granite is the most popular stone for countertops and visually brings to the kitchen space a feeling of solidity.

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The wide range of colors and finishes available makes every surface seem unique. In addition, there are perfect choices for both modern and traditional kitchens. As is natural stone, each countertop is unique. It is available in glossy and matte surfaces. You can also dare to combine the two finishes: gloss for flat and the edge nuanced. For those who prefer the slate, which is not too strong for worktop is possible to work the dark prefab granite countertops to look like the material, but with a much stronger result, It is very hard and resistant to heat and mold. It is porous, so you have to seal it (ideally every six months). You have to go leaning on kitchen furniture good because it weighs a lot. If damaged, it cannot be repaired.

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It is a solid rock that resists blows, stains and high temperatures. In addition, due to the characteristics of their formation process, there is a wide range of colors and types of natural grain, which can work with different finishes: matte, glossy, polished, smooth and brushed or aged, having irregularities surface is satiny or matte. Indeed, the prefab granite countertops have more advantages than disadvantages, however, some have …  It is a porous stone, therefore have to seal it periodically so that no fluids and staining. On the other hand, you have to go up solid furniture as it weighs a lot.