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Accordian blinds – Accordion blinds pleated solar, also known as cellular shades, block out UV light that can fade carpets and furniture. They also help to absorb heat from the sun to maintain a much cooler indoor environment. In winter, solar blinds act as an insulation to help windows from heat. Solar types accordion pleated blinds contain either layering or a surface to reflect light. This type of blind requires monthly maintenance to prevent dust and debris, which you can easily do in a short time.

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Remove any furniture that is under your accordion pleated blinds. Pulling the cord on the blinds and gently allow slack to give out so that the window blind extends out for easy cleaning. Gently brush the entire surface of your accordion pleated solar blinds with a feather duster to remove loose debris. Attach the soft bristled attachment to vacuum hose and turn it on. Gently glide soft bristled vacuum attachment of the slats of the accordian blinds.

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Pick up your bottom accordion pleated blinds and draw them directly outward to gain access to the rear of them. Stand with your back against the window and hold blind outward with your free hand while you vacuum.  Draw the blinds in the normal position. Take stepladder and place it right under the window. Grip microfiber towel and dip it in soapy water. Wring out all excessive fluids. Wipe bracket and other plastic frame areas to remove dust. Take a paper towel and wipe all areas to prevent water spots from forming. Vacuum under your window area on the floor to soak up dirt and dead insects that you turned off with feather duster.

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Venetian blinds typically 2-inch-wide slats that can be made of wood, aluminum or vinyl. A pole on one side can be turned to open the louvers of the blinds while a cord on the other side that is used to raise the blinds to expose the window. Vertical accordian blinds are much longer than the blinds are wide, but is often made of the same material as blinds. Some vertical blinds are made of a fabric to provide a soft feel to the window treatment. Most vertical blinds slide open to the side rather than opening in both directions from the center. Accordion blinds are connected to the horizontal slats less than similar horizontal blinds, usually only 1 inch in width. Accordion shutters are in the tissues of varying thickness.