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Curb mounted skylight – Home-made skylights, windows are cut into the roof, which allows more sunlight to enter the room. Installing your homemade skylight involves cutting your roof to put in the new structural design members, walling and complete your ceiling under the roof. The materials required include skylights, roofing paper and galvanized roofing nails, flashing, framing and drywall. You need tools like a hammer, tin snips, a utility knife, a flat pry bar and a circular saw.

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Be sure to follow all instructions from the manufacturer to prevent leakage from the roof through your homemade curb mounted skylight. Use the specifications from the manufacturer to cut a hole in your roof where you want to install skylights. First, drill a hole from inside your home and then go to the roof with a circular saw to cut opening outside. Install the header assemblies at right angles to the second part. To cut down your excess use the utility knife to cut the shingles on the roof about three inches from the opening of all four sides. Place the skylight centered in the opening and secure it with screws or nails.

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Take roofing paper strips, which are cut to a width of eight inches and slide them under the shingles, install the lower band first sides and finally the top. You will install single piece bottom flashing by wrapping it halfway around the curb mounted skylight and sits on top of the shingles, securing it by driving roofing nails into the roof horizontally. A few pieces of step flashing should be slipped under the shingles and overlapping them about four inches before installation of flashing to the roof. The solid flashing pieces prevent water from penetrating between the roof and step flashing, and you must first install the bolt.

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Put the side pieces next and then install the head flashing by pushing it under the roof and then attach it to your homemade skylight. You can also add accessories to your homemade skylight to control the amount of sunlight and the heat it produces. To keep your bedroom dark, you can install some blackout shades that block a large percentage of daylight, which also helps reduce your cooling costs. Installation of aluminum mini-blinds in the bathrooms work well because they are ideal for areas that are moist. You can also buy blinds that are remote or even install a ventilation system curb mounted skylight to rent out hot air.