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Frameless wall mirrors – on the wall is a simple two-step projects that can be completed in less than an hour. For a professional installation, use a paper template to accurately locate the transverse center of the mirror and unified space mirror clips. Paper template is used to mark the positions of the mirror clips on the wall. Three clips on the underside of the mirror support the weight of the mirror. Sleeve-wall anchors provide both vertical and lateral support during and after installation.

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Spread a large piece of paper or wrapping paper on a flat surface. Add the frameless wall mirrors on the paper. Trace around the frameless wall mirrors with a permanent marker. Set aside the mirror. Fold the paper lengthwise, align the marked edge tracking. Fold the paper in half crosswise again, directing the selected edges. Stick a pin through the folded on the traced line, about between the center and the outer edge of the template.

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Fold the paper. Select the vertical and lateral centers of the template where the folds meet traced lines. Push a pin through the top center of the traced line. Hang template on the wall with the only pushpin if you plan to install the frameless wall mirrors. Attach a binder clip to the bottom center of the template. Binder clip will act as a solder, hold the template vertical.

Stick a pushpin through the center fold and by the four pin holes on the edge of the traced line on the template. If you remove the template from the wall, the small pushpin holes positions for wall anchors. Drill holes through each lower hole mark since the wall. The drill should be just large to fit the sleeve. Slide drywall anchors into the pilot holes as their openings are flush with the wall.

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Install the mirror just cut in the bottom three pilot holes and the screw hole in the first paper clip with a wall anchor. Use a screwdriver to attach the mirror clip in place. Repeat to install the remaining bottom mirror clips. Place the mirror on the wall, just above the installed mirror clips. Slide the mirror in place. Ask an assistant to place the upper mirror clips on the mirror, next to the top pin-hole marks. Pass the top of a piece of chalk through the screw holes in the mirror clip to highlight their positions on the wall. Remove the clips and the mirror.