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Drapery holdbacks – A holdback is not only functional but also adds a decorative look to a window . Some aspects must be kept in mind when choosing the right hardware. Match the holdback to the style and finish of the curtain rod will keep a unified look of the window. You will also need a size that will accommodate the thickness of the curtain material. This unassuming piece of hardware will give your windows a finished look.

Posted on November 8, 2017 Home Design

How to install drapery holdbacks? This is the instructions about. First steps that will you do is measure the length of the curtain with a tape measure. Divide the measurement by half and even thirds. Place a piece of tape on the wall at the halfway point and even a third of the measurement from the floor. Use these bands markings to determine what you prefer to mount the holdback. And then refer a second person to hold the hook with curtain secured around the holdback. Move holdback between the two tape marks until you decide on the best location. Place a pencil mark on the wall to mark the screw holes.

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Measure the distance from the floor to the pencil mark and also the distance from the mark to the window frame. Note the opposite side of the wall to an identical placement of the second holdback. Locate the stud closest to the pencil mark using a stud finder. If necessary, an adjustment to either the left or right to attach to a stud, remember to change the markings to match the second drapery holdbacks. Remove curtains from the holdback and align the holes with the pencil mark. Use a drill for securing screws. Mount the second holdback.

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You were done installing drapery holdbacks. Nevertheless, you need to know this tips, if you come across a metal edging around the window frame, drill a pilot hole slightly smaller than the screw. Use a screwdriver to tighten and holdback on the wall. And for more attention when you work be careful to use tools. Keep on safety work first! It doesn’t matter you work slowly, the proper of measurement is the one among important point. One again keeps it safety work first! Do your work with good feeling. It is a simple case but trusts me, that is having the biggest impact for your job. Enjoy installing and happy decoration your room with curtain holdback. Love to share this.