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Grommet drapes – Grommet drapes panel everywhere, look at any home decorating magazine and you’ll find a grommet curtain panel. There are many fabrics, patterns, colors and lengths to choose from. They are not a new idea, so what gives? First, what exactly is a grommet? Grommet used to describe the top panel. A grommet is a reinforced hole made of plastic or metal through which a decorative rod placed. Grommet panel slide easily along the decorative rod and fell into neat, clean folds.

Posted on November 22, 2017 Home Design

Ideal for French doors, sliding doors, or any window where you want the flexibility of opening and closing the panel, a few years ago, grommet drapes is not easy to find. One should either have them custom made or tried to make them yourself using grommet machine. But today there is a great source for panel curtain grommet. Not only a curtain shop selling them, but other retailers such as beds, shower outlets, department stores, warehouse type stores, and the list goes on. Here’s the catch, not all are created equal grommets.

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Grommet Drapes WalmartSize: 768 x 768

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There are huge differences in quality and workmanship. It is true that you can get grommet drapes for $ 10, I saw a couple of days because I spend, but you really do get what you pay for. Buyer bewares! Whatever your budget, there was a curtain grommets for you. Grommet drapes can also be used for almost any application. They are great for sliding doors, French doors, large windows, a small window, the picture window, and the list goes on.

Here’s a tip to buy grommet drapes, the length and fullness of the most important. Grommet curtains had to go to the floor, but could end up just below the sill or they can even puddles if using luxury fabrics such as silk, imitation silk or taffeta. Make sure that your fullness at least 2 times the width of the window. If you have a small window, get wand 4-6 “wider on each side to stack back of the curtain, giving the illusion of a larger window. It also maximizes the amount of light coming into the room.

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For larger windows, more panels may be necessary, but make sure that they are an even number; you do not want to end up with a skewed view. For example, have two panels on each side of the window rather than 1 and 2. You can have these panels sewn together or they can be left as is. There are specialized companies that can make grommet drapes wider, but the cost is very high.