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Bathroom ideas – The bathroom is no longer a secondary space in our home, now it has become a space for relaxation, tranquility and privacy. The idea of creating a functional bathroom should not only be focused on creating a space that gives us the facilities and basic functions of a bathroom, but we also supply a pleasant environment, designed for a more welcoming space. If you have a large bathroom, you can use the color that catches your attention to the walls because it does not affect the size of the bathroom will feel. Do not be afraid to use bright colors like red or black. Colors of blue and green tones create a relaxing atmosphere. For small bathrooms, it is best to use light colors for the wall, white being the best option. Light colors make you feel more spacious bathroom and also give a sense of peace. If you prefer not to use white, colors such as beige or light shades of blue also make you feel your biggest bathroom.

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Bathroom ideas lighting is very important in a bathroom, especially if the main place where you shave. Most bathrooms do not have large windows, which makes the artificial light in an essential element. The best option is to install several lights with white bulbs on the ceiling and other strategic locations, such as near the main mirror. Lamps located in the right places fulfill the same job. Put a large lamp near the main bathroom mirror, and smaller at the corners of the bathroom. This will help use space smarter.

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Mirrors bathroom ideas are also a good way to make a bathroom feel larger. Most bathrooms have a main mirror, but you can add more mirrors to create this effect. If you like the effect of repetition, you can put a mirror of the same size as the main right in front of this. This only looks good in a large bath, as it can cause a small space look suffocating. For small bathrooms, it is better to add smaller mirrors on the walls side or over the sink.

The accessories bathroom ideas are part of the most important elements to decorate a space as these demonstrate your taste and style. If your bathroom walls are clear, the best option is to use brightly colored accessories. Try to choose colors that are of the same family if space is smaller, to prevent the bathroom look like a circus. For larger bathrooms can mix two or three colors that match. If your bathroom walls are striking, you have two options, you can use another striking color (but only one) or add accessories in neutral colors such as white, black or gray. Search accessories that are creative and show your style. Use small boxes, decorations towels, and a shower curtain that matches the colors present or has a striking design. The plants are also a very good decoration that will make the space feel cooler. Be sure to choose ones that do not need much natural light if you do not have a large window.