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Steamer chair cushions – Is it advisable to clean a chair with steam? In recent years there has been a significant increase in skin diseases and allergies related to dust mites. Mites accumulate in our house, but we do not see. Inside the house, the main points where we find mites are bed and sofa or armchairs. The chairs are ideal for mites, as they become an ideal habitat where they have everything they need. Remember that mites are microscopic animals that are not able to see. They live in the dust motes, so you can get an idea of their tiny size.

Posted on November 10, 2017 Home Furniture

Quite often cleaning steamer chair cushions is recommended. These machines thoroughly cleaned fabric or leather chair, leaving it free of mites. Is it therefore a good idea to clean the chairs with a steam engine? A priori the answer is yes, but later I will discuss a major drawback. Eliminate mites is especially important for those people who have an allergy or a special sensitivity. Also parents are the ones who care more about this aspect of home hygiene. When children are young we want to protect them from any health problems. Besides small house they have a habit of getting everything they see in the mouth, sucking furniture, and also the fabric of the chair.

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If you have children do not forget the carpets, which like the sofa is a habitat where they usually undesirable mites thrive. What good steamer chair cushions engines they are thoroughly cleaned without damaging the fabric of our armchairs. They serve perfectly for those armchairs upholstered in leather. Leather armchairs mites and bacteria accumulate less than fabric, but still should give them a thorough cleaning every few weeks. We should pay special attention to the armchairs upholstered in fabric. The fabric accumulates a lot of dust, food scraps, crumbs, etc. Perhaps at first glance it is immaculate, but remembers that we are talking about mites and bacteria that in most cases go unnoticed to the human eye.

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It is generally a good idea to clean carpets, mattresses and armchairs with a steam engine. Yes, there’s a catch. Steamer chair cushions cleaning leaves moisture in our furniture. And the humidity is the ideal environment mites thrive. Therefore it is important to clean the chairs and mattresses, and ventilate the room. Ideally, wait for a dry day to make this cleaning. Obviously this depends largely on the climate in which we live. Cleanliness is important, and so is keeping a nice atmosphere but not humid at home.