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10×12 canopy – provides shelter from sun and create a feeling of an outdoor room. While you still feel heat from sun, you do not have to worry about damage from its rays. Outdoor canopies are sold at home improvement stores are usually quite expensive and may not hold up well to weather. DIY canopy ideas for a deck include simple ways to make your own chapel and save money.

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For a bamboo 10×12 canopy, you need four bamboo fence poles or sticks and a large piece of waterproof cloth. Purchase bamboo sticks that are high enough to make canopy without fabric rub against top of head. Keep in mind that fabric will naturally immerse in middle, making my slightly shorter than edges. Dig a small hole in one corner of deck and place bamboo stick in center of hole. Fill it with dirt, gravel or concrete to secure bamboo to ground. Repeat on other corner of deck. Anchor sticks to ground with a tent pin. Use a small clamp to attach one corner of canvas to a stick and repeat with every corner of canvas.

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Create a large frame for your 10×12 canopy from pieces of PVC pipe. Measure size of tire first and buy two pieces of pipe same length as tire and two pieces of same size as width. Attach four pieces with T-shaped fittings, and make sure bottom of “T” is facing ground. Determine height of canopy and buy four pieces of PVC pipe of same length. Fixing these pipes to bottom of T-shaped pipe fitting. Secure pipes in ground on sides of tire and drape canopy over top.

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Turn poles from an old tent or shielded room of a new chapel for your tires. Secure poles in ground on each side of tire. If deck is lifted from ground, then use tent anchors to secure pegs in ground or clips to secure posts to deck. Connect poles as if you would put up tent. Hang fabric of finished frame for more sunscreen. If your tires have walls or run in between house and garage, then choose basic screw hooks to show your 10×12 canopy. Screw a hook in corner of wall or side of house and put a second on opposite corner. Attach two hooks in garage or opposite wall. Drape a large piece of fabric from one corner to other hook and then across space.