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Foundation vent covers – According to conventional wisdom, foundation vents – sometimes referred to as crawlspace vents – should be closed in winter and open in summer. However, a growing consensus in the field of building science maintains that these vents should be covered or sealed throughout the year to prevent moisture damage in the structural components of wood under the floors of a house. Ventilation systems Foundation

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In older homes, the foundation vent covers were installed as permanent grilles that can be opened or closed to control moisture. Many modern homes are equipped with a ventilation system that uses energy and automated two – way fans to move air in and out of the cavities of difficult access under the floor. Newer systems use a ventilation grille to accommodate larger ventilation increased transfer air. Built covers are available in a variety of sizes to seal and insulate the vent.

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Why the foundation vent covers open during the summer? In many regions, building codes have long required new homes built with vents of the foundation. In older homes, the vents provide a passive exchange of air to inaccessible beneath the floor joists of house cavities. Typically, the soil of these cavities is hard earth instead of concrete, so that moisture can seep from the soil during the summer months and cause wooden beams and subflooring to become mildewed and eventually rot. Vents or fans are designed to allow moisture to escape from the cavity.

Why the Foundation Vents should be closed during the summer? The theories that drove homeowners to open the foundation vents in the summer may be out of date because they predated the era of central air conditioning. In a home where soil temperatures are 15 to 20 degrees cooler than stagnant humid air in a space of the foundation, outside moisture can condense beams, creating a perfect environment for mold growth – and eventually the putrefaction of wood. When you close the vents of the foundation, minimizing the risk. If the foundation has a cavity floor should be covered with a vapor barrier to remove moisture from the soil – source.

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Covering Foundation Vents

Owners who choose to close their vents foundation can go a step further and cover vents with indoor closets. The cover prevents free flow of air and moisture while helps stabilize the temperature within the cavity. As a bonus, the cover may provide some sound insulation. Covers are available in a variety of sizes and standard colors through building supply points, or you can cut a deck the size of a block of extruded polystyrene foam using a knife ordinary use.

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