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Faux cowhide rugs – Wainscoting in a natural wood finish gives the room a western feel. If you do not want to join the panels replicate the overall look by painting the bottom half of the walls one color and the upper half another color, separate the two with a chair rail. You can even decorate the bottom half with stencils or paint it to look like a spotted cowhide. A western-motif wallpaper border can be added to any wall design or color, or stencil on top of the walls with silhouettes of wild horses or cowboys. On the floor, place a cowhide rug or an Indian blanket motif rug.

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Most faux cowhide rugs have irregular designs and shapes, as they follow the natural shape of the animal. If your cowhide rug has a worn spot, stains, holes or burn, it can be repaired. Cut a small piece of hide from a border that closely matches the area you want to replace. Use a utility knife on a hard surface and cut all the way backing. If you cannot spare a piece from the edge, to buy a new piece of cowhide from the manufacturer of the carpet that is of the same type and color cover of carpet you have.

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How to patch faux cowhide rugs? Place a board over the damaged area of the carpet. Cut out the damaged site in a square, making sure to cut through the support attached to hide.  Set the square you have cut on top of a matching piece of cowhide. Hides has a grain, or the direction that the hairs running in. Make sure that the hair on the patch piece of hide running in the same direction as the damaged piece. This will help your patch last and make it almost invisible. Add new piece on a length of carpet support. Cut the backing around the square, leaving a 1-inch border support along each edge of the square.

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Apply fabric adhesive on the back of the patch. Snap the backing and allow it an hour or two to dry thoroughly. Apply fabric adhesive to the upper side of backing limit. Place the patch over the cut-out area and customize it to fit. Weight top of the mat over the patch until it is dry. Turn faux cowhide rugs over and sew the edges of the support to the mat with a curved upholstery needle and thread. Be sure to use a thimble on your finger you use to push the needle through the tough fabric.

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