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Corner booth dining set – Typically separated from rest of kitchen and placed near windows, breakfast nooks offer homeowners a quiet place to enjoy morning, read, or an area in Corral kids in. Building a breakfast nook does not stress a homeowner. Create a cozy nook by placing a bistro set near a window or divide an area for table and benches. A breakfast nook adds charm and functionality to any kitchen.

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Building a breakfast corner booth dining set creates an intimate and practical room separate from central kitchen. Build benches with hinged lid for tucking away items inside benches. Sunny locations work well for built-in breakfast nooks. Patterns for built-in breakfast nook benches and tables can be found in books, on Internet and building supply centers. If building benches and a table seem overwhelming, buy a table and benches that match room’s style.


Building a breakfast corner booth dining set does not cost an arm and a leg. An abundance of supplies and design ideas await homeowner at local thrift shops, neighborhood yard sales, flea markets, and architectural salvage companies. Stem pages of thrift style magazines for inspiration then go on a treasure hunt for building materials. Use old house windows or doors cut in half, creating a unique walled breakfast nook. Old plantation porch columns installed at entrance to a breakfast nook adds a touch of Deep South charm to kitchen. Salvaged pews make unique breakfast nook benches. Breakfast nooks created from trash to treasure bring personal flare to homeowner kitchen. A homeowner’s imagination dictates trash-to-treasure design.


A beach themed breakfast corner booth dining set brighten any kitchen and provides an opportunity to showcase beach treasures. Separate breakfast nook from rest of room by adding simple porch columns at four corners of hook and draping nets between each column. Secure columns according to manufacturer’s instructions. Distress columns for an authentic weathered look. Find fishing nets at craft stores and fishermen delivery centers. If Nook does not have a window to lighten it, paint or buy a beach scene mural for sand and sun appeal. Follow installation instructions for hanging murals. Place a lighted faux palm, a surfboard or treasure chest inside beach breakfast nook for eye-catching charm. Add shells, beach art, dried sea oats events, driftwood and other found objects for fun reminders of days spent on beach. In some places it is illegal to pick sea oats. Buy dried sea oats arrangements from florists or online stores.

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