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Cushioned toilet seats – Although be careful, certain elements of our home deteriorates over time and use. One such item is the toilet lid, which tends to suffer imbalances that require us to replace it with a new one . Despite being a simple task, we must take into account some guidelines to follow and adequately choose the model fitting lid on our toilet .

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If you decide to install cushioned toilet seats for yourself, the first thing you should do is take measurements of the cover you want to replace. To do this, says the length and width of that you will change, and the distance between the fixing points. Once you have written down, go to your nearest DIY store and ask models cushioned seats. These systems allow the closure is completely silent as annoying and avoid shocks.

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Once you have prepared your new seat, you must have on hand a key parrot ‘s beak, a rag, a little alcohol and, most importantly, a little skill with these tasks. When you have it all put together to work. Remove the old cover. To do this you must loosen the wing nuts found at the bottom of the key to helping parrot’s beak. While loose pieces of plastic and rubber washers. If the cushioned toilet seats do not come out easily, it could be because the metal connectors have rusted over time. Try lubricating the area before forcing the seat, which could damage the ceramic toilet.

A retired once a cloth moistened with alcohol and clean the surface thoroughly toilet. This action is important because well you should remove the debris from the old cap before placing the new. Now you can place the cushioned seat. For this purpose, it placed in this clamp the two pieces and then the two rubber grommets. With this you avoid any damage on the toilet. Insert the screws into the holes of the cup and fixed anchors. You just have to put plastic washers in the bottom of the toilet and fasten with nuts which are tightened by hand. In this simple way the cushioned toilet seats for a new model is replaced. Thanks to this spring have damped system, it will take a few seconds to close completely, and allowing avoids accidents and eliminates noise. We have already tried and we are delighted. And you? You encourage you to change your toilet seat by a damped model?

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