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Lift top coffee table – In the room, the coffee table (also known as “coffee table” in some places) is a piece of furniture almost mandatory. It allows us to great use to place, taking advantage of it to rest drinks and meals, board games and cards, and all kinds of elements, including rest our feet when we are lying on the sofa reading, watching television or just relaxing.

Posted on November 7, 2017 Home Furniture

The choice of the lift top coffee table will depend largely on our tastes, our needs, and also the prevailing decorative style in our home. And, best of all, you can use almost any object as a coffee table, depending on the potential use we see in parts disused designed for other functions, or our inspiration when reform them. The coffee table has to be practical and functional but also decorative. Therefore, any element that we see a potential form of coffee table, can be refurbished or remodeled with shelves, drawers and pieces that allow make it a useful element, and can thus keep books, records or items of all kinds. Wire coils are an ideal piece to form a coffee table.

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The coils (like spools of threads) are supporting the cable television, telephone and others. You can buy them or get them gift to companies providing these services. To use, simply apply a coat of matte varnish to protect it, and add, if you want, small brackets or shelves in the center. With old dugouts out of use we can also make lift top coffee table. Although elements are small sizes allow functional use in small rooms. Another idea is to use puff type seats, padded, leaving them so rigid or above (like glass), depending on the mobility of its parts padded area. The old leather suitcases are ideal for use as a coffee table that also facilitates guard objects.

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The aphthous are rather soft surfaces, so can strengthen the cap (which serve as supporting surface) with a metal plate or wood inside. Remember to apply for leather protector, to preserve it, and give the desired height with small feet or wheels. Another simple idea is a pallet, from which are used to transport boxes. Treat it with linseed oil or varnish if necessary, and put four wheels on its bottom corners. With this, you will create an original lift top coffee table, minimalist, and ideal for homes loft or studio apartments styles.