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Bathroom vanity top – When it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity top you want to choose a material that is resistant to water, toothpaste, makeup, based on the liquid acetone, and of course soap. Most of the peaks bathroom vanity top which is made of the following materials: Tempered Glass, Solid Porcelain, and Cultured Marble. It is very important that you choose a bathroom vanity top that will suit your personal needs. To help you decide which option is right for you, we’ve put together a guide summary of the pros and cons of each countertop material.

Posted on November 3, 2017 Home Furniture

Note the tempered glass, the clear or frosted tempered glass finish offers a unique look, sleek and modern which will set bathroom vanity top apart. It is one of the most easy to clean surface and has excellent tolerance to heat, it will not burn or melt if you ever forget to turn off the curling iron. Tempered glass is also non-porous surface which means the bacteria and germs do not have a place to grow so very hygienic and stain resistant.

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One of the other advantages of tempered glass is that you do not have to worry about matching the color of your toilet or bathtub, because it is different materials, each fixture color (white or bone) will match. Lastly, to add drama to your bathroom remodeling project to install the light on the lower surface of tempered glass. Then Cons: Despite the tempered glass has been heat treated to increase its strength; it can scratch or chip depending on how it is handled, if not cleaned properly can show fingerprints and water spots.

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Pro: Porcelain also offers a contemporary look and fit beautifully with other equipment on bathroom vanity top. It has an extra smooth surface that prevents debris from sticking. It requires very little maintenance to make it look clean and shiny all the time. It is also very strong, do not chip easily, and will not melt if exposed to high temperatures. Bathroom in place we understand that people have different tastes and requirements and a single selection will not satisfy everyone. That is why we want to give you the power of choice when it comes to choosing a bathroom vanity table to your favorites. That article about bathroom vanity top that we wish to convey to you may be useful.