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Laundry room ideas – Let raise your hand who does not give laziness the washer! The truth is that for ordinary mortals, the daily task of washing clothes is often chaotic and tedious, often for lack of an orderly space and comfortable where perform all tasks involved. And it is that doing laundry involves not just put the clothes in the washing machine but have a place to store cleaning products, leaving separated by colors or delicate fabrics before washing clothes, put that garment soak to apply a product specifically, putting it in the washing machine or hand wash, tumble dry or hang it on the clothesline and finally iron them and hang.

Posted on October 25, 2017 Home Decor

Although in the Nordic countries the washing out of the houses and are located in specific facilities or common areas where everyone wears clothes, in the Mediterranean countries this option usually has little success. Here the most common option is to have washing machine in the house, but given the shrinking of homes today size, the whole process is not performed in the same room, so in the end we usually have the cube laundry room ideas on one side, the washing machine in another, the iron in the other and portable clothesline (when we have no patio), scattered everywhere.

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While in many cases this is inevitable, the ideal is to try to focus the process of washing and drying in one room, called the laundry room ideas or ironing room. Usually in urban flats this task is complicated and the machine eventually placed in the kitchen (as an integrated part of household furniture) or in the bathroom, but for those who can afford a specific room will always be the best option.

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It is also true that even today in new home always a space usually reserved for the washing machine, usually a small terrace closed located at the bottom of the kitchen acts as a laundry. Other times it is the owner himself who decides to allocate a specific room and laundry room ideas. Whether one or the other, usually spaces usually always considered “practical” and therefore away from any aesthetic or decoration, becoming cold, soulless and outside the rest of the house spaces. However the decor can reach every corner making any cranny shine through and ironing room would not be an exception. Many times we keep and organize things regardless comfort day. It is therefore advisable to develop a small list of the tasks involved in casting.