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Bathroom Certainteed vinyl siding – Would you like to give a youthful touch to your bathroom? How about a waterproof solution, aesthetic, practical and with the advantage of easy installation? So are the decorative vinyl coverings. In the blink of an eye, your bathroom looks new.

Posted on November 27, 2017 Home Decor

The advantages of vinyl siding

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The first advantage is that certainteed vinyl siding is positioned quickly and easily. Fits all surfaces (drywall, painted surfaces, wood, tiles, and gotele) and installed in just a few hours. In addition, vinyl offers a wide range of decorative possibilities. Do you want a Zen room bathroom, with a mineral touch? Do you prefer an “industrial” style? This coating offers a world of possibilities: from the texture of the wood to concrete, to smooth marble or white. The effect is amazing! A sight and touch, perfectly reproduces the characteristics of the materials it imitates. It is a completely impermeable material and also has the advantage of easy maintenance: soft cloth, a little water with soap.

Material necessary for placement

And you imagine touring the shelves of a DIY store, right? Well, no. This time is not necessary. Just you need a professional toolbox. Certainteed vinyl siding, which is supplied as lamas, requires a minimum of tools: a pencil, a level, a meter, a ruler and a cutter. Depending on the form of placement you choose, you may also need a glue gun, a screwdriver or a stapler. And if you decide to glue the vinyl, you can use a glue tube or double-sided adhesive foam ready for use.

The placement process

Everyone, from expert to novice DIY, can dabble. To start, decide the orientation of the slats. Vertical or horizontal? Then place the back of finishing profiles on the perimeter of the bathroom. Then take the metro, measure the wall, cut the first plank to length and sand the male part. Depending on how you choose placement (on slats or attached directly to the wall with glue, adhesive, nailing or stapling), install the blade against the profile and check the level that is well aligned. Then install other lamas using the first as a guide. Follow all the bathroom walls. Finally, place before the finishing profiles taking care to apply a bead of silicone on the outline of the walls and thus ensure tightness. However, attention should be paid depending on the certainteed vinyl siding model you have chosen, read the installation instructions to respect the conditions of sealing the product.

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