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Privet hedge plants – The most common hedge plants in the UK are privets, members of ligustrum genus. They are adaptable to different soil and light conditions. Privets also used for foundation plantings, shrub borders and patio trees. The ability of these evergreen shrubs and trees to handle severe pruning makes them well suited for hedges. Rapid growth makes frequent mowing required. Privet (Ligustrum), come in many varieties. All are deciduous shrubs lose their leaves in winter.

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Privet grows 1:02 to 4:05 meters (4 to 15 feet) tall with a spread of 1.2 to 2.4 meters (4 to 8 feet) if left uncut, or it can be formed into a formal hedge the size you want. It is a versatile, fast-growing shrub that will produce small white flowers in late spring, when planted in full sun or partial shade. Instructions to cut privet hedge plants: First, determine your style. Your privet can be grown informally as a single sample or on the back of an edge that will not require much pruning. If you have multiple planted close together for a more formal privacy hedge, you will want to prune it back at least two or three times a year to keep it shaped and tidy.


Second, choose your tools. You need pruning the thicker branches and small pruning shears for the smaller branches. If you trim a formal hedge, choosing electric trimmer. Buy good quality tools and keep them sharpened for the best crop results. Third, cut back in early spring when buds forming on the branches.  For a casual look, or to revive and older, overgrown shrub, cut away any dead branches which show no signs of budding out. Starting at the bottom with pruning. Work your way up, warning. Be carefully not to trim away branches with buds. Unless pruners, cut back the smaller branches of the buds begin to appear.

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You can cut a privet hedge plants to any size you want, so have no fear. Last, use electric hedge trimmers cutting the sides and top of the hedge for a more formal appearance. It is important to form a privet hedge so that the top is narrower than the bottom. This allows sunlight to reach the lower part of the fuse. Cut pages first. If the fuse is overgrown, uneven or have not yet been trimmed to a formal shape, run a string between two poles to mark the desired height of the hedge before trimming the top. This will help to keep it even. Cut along the top at the height of the string.