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Sidelight window treatments – Sidelight windows constitute a special decoration problem, but it’s something you can remedy with basic sewing skills. Gardner to suit tall, slim side lights are not as easy to find in stores as regular curtains and fabrics are often limited to thin or lace. Using any drug you like fashion sidelight curtains to your home and you can find the project is so simple that you are doing more to change with the seasons. Sidelight windows are the long, thin windows that line the sides and entry way door, especially a front door. There are different ways to deal with sidelight windows to keep outsiders from easily looking in, while still keeping the charming sidelight windows intact.

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Create sidelight window treatments, Measure the height and width of the window inside or outside the frame. Measure along the fabric to measure the height plus 6 inches longer edge. Measuring mark with the tailor’s chalk, or a drug pump. Measure along the shorter end double-width measurement and mark it. Cutting just above the fabric at the mark height measurement for threads or grain of the fabric. Repeat the width measurement mark.

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Create sidelight window treatments; Turn the fabric face down on an ironing board. Fold each long side over 1/2 inches. Press the folds with an iron, for your fabric to make them lie flat. Fold each edge over another 1/2 inch and press them again. Set sewing pins through the pressed folds perpendicular to the edges of the fabric. Sew a straight stitch along both fold 1/4 inch from the edge and remove sewing pins. Fold each short end of the fabric over 1/4 inches and press the folds. Fold them over 2 3/4 inch and press again folds.

Create sidelight window treatments, Insert pins through the folds perpendicular to the edges. Sew a straight stitch along the bottom edge of the folds, just over 1/4-inch turn and remove the legs. Install one cafe curtain rod brackets on each side of the top and bottom of the window side light according to manufacturer’s instructions. Set cafe curtain rods through the intestines in the shorter ends of the curtain. Release the openings at each end of the upper curtain rail mounting hooks at the top and then repeat the bottom of the window. Adjust the material across the poles evenly spaced collect. Gather and tie in the center of the panel along with a tape or a curtain tie-back to partially covered sidelights.

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