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Cordless hardwood floor vacuum – One of the best ways to keep the floors clean is to use a canister vacuum designed for use on wood floors. Features to look out for are strong suction, a filter and a maneuverable head, those who do use them on hardwood floors easier. Choosing a vacuum cleaner today can be a difficult decision because there are so many different types and styles of doors to choose from. There are upright, robotic and cordless hardwood floor vacuum. Modern vacuum cleaners earn more features than ever before, from coping with allergy problems for cleaning hardwood floors. Then there is the decision to choose a bagless vacuum bag versus vacuum.

Posted on December 1, 2017 Home Decor

The price is a factor for most consumers when choosing between the vacuum bags. One thing to consider is that even if a bagless vacuum cleaner requires no bag, it has a filter needs to be replaced once or twice a year.  Bag vacuum cleaners are fairly easy to maintain. When the vacuum bag becomes full, you just throw it. There is no cleaning and no mess. Canisters have a removable cup which has to be removed and washed. Cleaning of the cup can be quite messy, time consuming and difficult.

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Some cordless hardwood floor vacuum using a “cyclonic” system in which air spirals, starting at the top and bottom ends, forcing clean air up and larger particles down to a removable cup which can then be dumped out. With a conventional vacuum turns a fan blade, forcing the air upward through the exhaust port and into a vacuum cleaner bag.

If you choose a vacuum with a bag, it is best to choose a style that has generalized bag; otherwise you have to spend time tracking down a bag that is specific to a certain type of vacuum cleaner. With a cordless hardwood floor vacuum, to find the right bag may not be a problem, but finding the particular filter can be.

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The problem with the cordless hardwood floor vacuum is that if the bag gets too full, it may explode. The bag can also come off in the middle of cleaning. Cordless hardwood floor vacuum also pose problems. Dumping out the tank is not very hygienic because dust particles, hair, spores and microbes can be released back into the air. Also need of the capsule and removable filter emptied frequently, due to performance loss when the reservoir is filled.