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120v electric garage heater – Garage is usually not only the place of residence of your machine, but also warehouse and repair shop, and a resting place of our Boys. All would be nice if we consider the strong frost. In a garage without heating uncomfortable feeling not only your car, but son. 240/120 V electric heater is used to heat water in the cylinders for domestic use and for heating and processing rooms. These heaters also can be used to control agricultural pests.

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Propane Garage HeaterSize: 1014 x 760

Although both 240 volts and 120v electric garage heater work to serve the same purpose, the 240-volt system is more efficient and less expensive to use, which consumes less energy than a 120-volt heaters. Turn off the power before connecting any of these systems. Even if all voltages are dangerous, 240 volt systems can cause the most damage. Take extra precautions by wearing gloves while working on the electrical system. Open the junction box with the screwdriver to discover the terminals of the heating system. Inside the junction box, there are two terminals, the phase and neutral, with screws into the holes where the wires are mounted. Next to the terminals there is a screw is earthed.


Stripping wires at both ends of the cable. Connect the cables under tension, neutral and ground to the appropriate terminals of the power supply, respectively labeled as “L”, “N” and “G.” Cable bright red, brown or black, while the neutral white or gray. The land is green or yellow-green, yellow, or simply naked. Join the live wire to one of the terminals of the junction box of the 120v electric garage heater. The two terminals are used interchangeably, so you can connect the cable tension one of these. Join the neutral wire to the second terminal and tighten the two cables securely. Connect the ground wire to the ground terminal and tighten well.

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Wrap each part peeled wires with electrical tape to prevent a short circuit in the system. Replace the cover of the box and check that the cable passes through the whole meaning for him. If the cable passes through this space, it would be difficult to seal the sealed box. This can be dangerous, as this part is usually waterproof. Make sure there is water in the container before turning on the power to use the stove. If the 120v electric garage heater for heating or for pest control, then it is safe to turn the power of the heating system.