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Valence curtains – A bundle is one of your options is temporarily piece of long cloth that is wrapped around a curtain rod and pulled to make elegant draperies. One coat is a short curtain, which hangs from the top of the window and the bottom about half the window length, at most. When you combine a bundle and a valance, you get a short coat that is draped over the curtain rod. Use a bundle coat in coordination with other, longer curtains for a neater and more elegant window treatment.

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This is instructions to install swag valence curtains. First, you need to measure the width of the window and multiply it by two to get the amount of fabric you need valance. Add 10 inches to allow for folding and short tails. Cut out the fabric. Lining the edges of the fabric by folding the raw edges? Pin the fabric in place and sew the hem. Install a curtain rod with at least 2-inch projection. Projection is how far the rod comes out from the window casing. You need this space for extra fabric that will be behind the curtain rod.

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Find the center of the bundle and insert a safety pin to use as a reference point. Place the curtain rod to a flat surface. Unfold the fabric of Swag and forth as you would a paper fan. Make folds about 3 inches wide. Hold the folds in place with the help of clip clothespins. Hang the valance swag of curtain rod, ensure the center is in front of the bar. Lind remains a tails under and around the valence curtains rod loose. Pull the bundle part of the valance down to get the desired look. It should hang down about one third of the length of the window.

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Hang the curtain rod back up on its hardware. Adjust the fabric so the tails are wound a little more tightly to keep swag valance in place. Remove the clothespins to let valance swag drape. For tips to you, if you use the screen edge bundle in conjunction with the existing valence curtains, install a curtain rod gown coming out past the curtains to allow room for the fabric to move around. When hanging a bundle as a valance, do not tails of Swag long. Arrange the tails as they hang behind the existing curtains and so they will not show if you do not want to see them.