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Clawfoot tub shower conversion kit – Clawfoot bathtub were the choice for the bathroom, but today the distinctive tubs are an unexpected addition to a bathroom. Clawfoot tubs are separate bathtubs that do not include the standard tub. Elegant tubs typically cling onto short pedestal legs that elevate the tub floor and transform the simple apparatus in a centerpiece of the bathroom. Although clawfoot tubs are generally used as bathtubs, shower accessories add another layer of versatility to the tubs.

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Clawfoot tub shower conversion kit not come with a traditional shower ring that otherwise would provide a space for mounting a shower head. One way to combat this obstacle is to use a hand-held shower head that connects directly to the bathtub faucet. Accessories hand shower head includes a connecting valve and a length of hose or pipe to the head is easily maneuvered around the tube. Shower heads simpler hand include only the head and hose, while more complex versions include a tube assembly that attaches to the back of the key so that you can hang your shower head when not in use.

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If you want a hands-free option that allows standing in the tub while showering, a clawfoot tub shower conversion kit is an option for your needs. Unlike traditional screens, shower doors clawfoot tub are metal frames that allow installation on the wall or ceiling. The frames are of the same shape of the tub but a little bigger. A shower curtain hangs surround suspension frame to encase your bathtub. The shower head fixture mounted in a single tube the bathtub faucet is turned on, and some versioning support to your wall for additional support.

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If you want to keep your exposed pipes, consider ceiling mounted shower heads spray directly in the center of the clawfoot tub. Ceiling shower head is either flush mounted or suspended from a short pipeline. Flush shower heads are low profile options, contemporary, while the suspension fittings are available in a range of finishes more rustic look. Shower heads spray rainlike create a ceiling instead of a directional spray forced.

Take into account your preferences and your budget when choosing an option for your clawfoot tub shower conversion kit. Hand-held shower heads are the least expensive option, but movement is limited based on the length of the hose, and you have to hold the shower head throughout the duration of the shower. Ceiling shower heads are hands-free, but require professional installation to run the pipes through the roof. Professional installation translates into higher cost, and not all houses have existing pipes needed for ceiling mounting a shower head. Another consideration is splashing. Clawfoot tubs tend to have higher walls than standard showers but flush rising splash shower heads due to the height of Mount. A shower curtain limits the effects of splash of a shower head.