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Old castle pavers – some of popular brand from concrete pavers is old castle, wall block and other outdoor building materials. To build a bench by the wall block, select a device that has square edges and flat sides, such Oldcastle € ™ s Lode Manor block. Other types of wall block often angled side faces and a lip along the bottom or a trailing edge that creates a backlash, or batter, for retaining walls. A single unit can be built with two independent rectangular columns which support the ends of a heavy timber plank or a few lengths of the 4-by-6 or 4-by-8 wood beam.

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Instructions to build garden bench old castle pavers: First, mark the ground position of the two columns, outlining an area a few inches larger than the combined size of the finished columns. The space between the columns will be the approximate length of the seating area of the bench. Second, burial ground 6 inches for each column. Add 2 inches of compactable gravel (paver base), then level and tamp the base. Add 2 more inches of gravel, then level and tamp. Make sure the top of the gravel bases for the two columns are level with each other. Add a 1-inch layer of paver sand (coarse concrete sand) to each area, so smooth it flat and even.

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Place the first course of block in the sand bed, checking each one is level. Alternative orientation of the blocks in a regular pattern to create a square column. Enter the next course so that the joints between the blocks are offset by the joints of the first course. Continue to set course up to the desired level in bench. Fourth, cut a plank or timber to buckle between the columns and expand on each column is approximately equal to the depth of one block. Put the plank with the posts, securing it to the block (s) below with construction adhesive.

Completing the rest of the course by block, using cut blocks as necessary to accommodate the bench plank (cut blocks with a masonry chisel and maul or circular saw with masonry blade). Continue adding courses of block up to the desired height, securing top courses with glue. End each column with a cover of large, square blocks glued in place, or with a slab of cut stone, as desired. Tips and warnings to build garden bench old castle pavers: Wear protective gloves, goggles and boots when working with chainsaws, heavy masonry and strong adhesive to prevent damage.

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