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Broadway lighted vanity mirror – The Broadway with light bathroom mirror is the most functional, versatile on the market mirror. With 13 large, professional quality dimming light bulbs, this attractive, classic mirror will enhance any makeup table, provided the type of soft white light and clean makeup artists and photographers love. Available in stylish black, silver and off-white, the frame is durable and scratch resistant. The optical grade, 18 “x 25” optical mirror is perfect for professional salons and makeup trailers, as well as home. The base has a double outlet easily accessible and our own signature logo.

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Each of your best models Broadway lighted vanity mirror table comes with the mounting kit professional wall so you can decide where you want your vanity. Vanity girl to live on the wall or on your table 28 × 13.5 base is deep. This professional grade lighted makeup mirror is loved by celebrities, lounges and hotels and home makeup-junkie alike. You can control the light at your fingertips. 25-watt bulbs Globed give you a soft light and surround your face (or your most demanding customer) without glare or unwanted shadows.

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If you like romantic elegance of the Victorian era or the sophisticated lines of Art Deco glamour, there are old and vintage Broadway lighted vanity mirror reflect trays to complement your style. Bedroom accessories These exquisite ladies are many beautiful styles ranging from beveled mirrors fixed on ornate mirrors foot filigree and closed around her with very detailed open or metallic texture woven mirrors delicately etched set on a bed of clear glass and blue stunning cobalt and chromium .

In the ancient world the terms dresser tray toiletries and perfumes are used interchangeably. However, many people refer to a plateau raised as a vanity tray. Although these beautiful pieces were actually used in the Broadway lighted vanity mirror of a woman or comfortable to display their elegant bottles of perfume or other treasures, it is actually called mirror plateaus. Mirror plateaus are commonly used in dining rooms to raise decorative centerpiece of the table.

In homes today reflects Broadway lighted vanity mirror trays and plateaus are often quite singular positions. Besides being used in the sideboards, dressers and dining tables, which often are hung on the walls as decorative accent pieces, lay at the bottom of fireplace mantles often as background for crystal chandeliers and unique frames or celebration an exhibition of objects in a collection of favorite stay shelf. Often people use an old mirror tray or expose vintage lit candles. Although the appearance is nice, a word of caution is in order. Make sure your candles not fully burn, causing the bottom of its holders to get hot. Unfortunately, many of mirror or glass trays and beautiful plateaus have cracked due to the heat that is often too high for the old windows and mirrors to resist.

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