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Brick mailbox plans – Learn how to build a brick factory by spending little and without making mistakes. Make lots of money by manufacturing bricks, learn everything, investment, location, equipment, suppliers, market, competition, risks, legislation, skilled labor, customer capture, financing, service and more.

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Historic of brick mailbox plans: Man’s need to protect spaces in search of shelter, goes back to prehistory. Using natural resources, he had to defend himself against predators, the rigors of nature, and his own kind. He soon realized that their survival depended on the safety of these refuges. Close spaces that are the question! The art of building has evolved for millions and millions of years.

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The demand for ceramic products has always been linked to policies adopted in the construction sector. It is up to the entrepreneur to assess the potential of the regional market that he intends to achieve with his products. One must consider what are the needs of this market regarding the quality of products, quantity and other items, as price practiced. The main point to be studied is the demand, sufficient to justify the implantation of this new pottery (name that receives the place where the clay brick is produced).

The use of binders in construction was made necessary by the need to consolidate smaller parts, much easier to find and handle. With the evolution of the times, man was discovering the various materials and products he could use in construction; one of these is the brick mailbox plans. In the production process, the clay is extracted by a backhoe loader, which loads a dump truck. The truck takes to the deposit (feeding box), where the mixture of clay types is made. From the feed brick mailbox plans, the material is manually loaded to the automatic conveyor, which will lead it to the mixer.

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In the mixer the moisture is controlled by mixing the clays. From the mixer, the clay descends by gravity to the mill, which aims to reduce the pasty clay in thin slices by passing it between two cast iron cylinders which, in addition to crushing all the pebbles or clods not yet broken, produce more a mix.

The laminated material is transported by an automatic conveyor to the vacuum conveyor, where pressers / feeders force it to pass through the grates, fragmenting it into small portions in which the desecration takes place, To the minimum, the air contained or included in the ceramic mass by the action of the mixtures and the added water.

Falling into the screw-worm, the clay is propelled forward, passes through the vacuum chamber and then through the holes of the mouthpiece, which is the mold of the brick mailbox plans.