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Fireplace surround – Although fireplaces are very coveted equipment for homeowners, a brick fireplace can seem worn out or outdated. Brick can jump, smash and burn over the years, leaving you with a shell of what was an incredible focal point in your home. One of the best ways to update a fireplace is to update the fireplace surround. The fireplace surround is the area under the mantle surrounding the fireplace opening. Upgrading a ring brick fireplace will leave you with a much more modern, sophisticated and elegant look in your home.

Posted on January 7, 2018 Home Design

If you break out of your existing brick chimney, you are looking at a very important project to renovate the house that could cost you thousands of dollars. Applying a faux finish to cover the existing brick is an effective and inexpensive way to update your brick fireplace. A faux finish can give your brick fireplace surround the look of a wood or slate. Hiring a professional faux finish to complete this project for you would be a good way to ensure that your brick fireplace surround concept is transformed correctly in the fireplace of your dreams.

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Roux panels are a great way to turn your fireplace surround brick in a box of natural stone. Roux panels are a material that is made by taking standard stones such as limestone or slate and fixing them in groups to panels that are thinner than the bricks. A ring brick fireplace surround chimney that re-faced panels Roux will look like a stone wall high strength made of stones of different thicknesses. Despite its appearance of high strength, these panels are easily attached to existing brick or other materials. Hold space, they are lightweight and cost less than other stone options. You can buy the panels yourself for a do it yourself project for home improvements or you can hire a professional to complete the project for you.

You can convert a tired brick fireplace surround in a living room sophisticated coordination center prefacing brick with materials such as Italian tiles. Tile will adhere to a solid surface such as brick. If you have a floor to ceiling brick fireplace and want to make it less prominent, you can use drywall texture on some of the bricks cut to size. Paint the drywall the same color as the walls to make it blend with the room. This is an easy way to transform a dated large fireplace with a fireplace tiles more contemporary area.

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