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Bioethanol fireplace – It may sound Super hi-tec, but bioethanol fireplace basically is one type of alcohol produced by fermentation of sugar is applied to a variety of agricultural products. This process uses the waste from plant based glucose including corn, wheat and potatoes to produce a fuel that burns with a beautiful real flame. No fossil fuels are used in bioethanol fuel.

Posted on November 5, 2017 Home Design

Bioethanol fireplace does not require that your home has a chimney or chimney, so no expensive building works required. There is also no cable or referrals to hide, so you have the fire actually looks beautiful in any room you choose. When bioethanol burn only a small amount of water vapor and carbon dioxide produced, helping fireplace ethanol does not produce soot, dust or ash. It should be noted that it is highly recommend that you use high-quality fuel bioethanol only with at least 96.6% alcohol.

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Bioethanol is entered into bioethanol fireplace is a clear liquid, and after flaming fire quickly grew to a beautiful nature. Fire looks and feels totally authentic. No residue and no lingering aroma. Bioethanol fireplace is supported only by bioethanol fuel. No need for the fireplace will be connected to an additional power source such as gas or electricity so there are no connections or plugs, so they are very portable. As long as you have some biofuel and bioethanol fireplace, you have everything you need to use bioethanol and loved the experience.

Not only is there no fossil fuels are used in bioethanol, but it is made from renewable natural resources. When lit, it burns without harmful emissions to damage the environment. This is a very common point when people are trying to reduce their environmental impact on the planet. While the actual assembly and installation times vary according to the particular model, a lot of bioethanol fireplace requires absolutely no installation at all and only a few minutes of assembly.

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Of course if you are going to choose a fire bioethanol which can be mounted to the wall, it will take a little longer but no more than about an hour. Bioethanol fireplace is safe, and as long as you treat your bioethanol fireplace as you would any other source of fire, the fire is of course completely safe. There is also no carbon monoxide is used in the combustion process, because they use cleaner burning fuel.

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