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16×7 garage door – He wore a while, wanting to change the garage door handing out the house, not for the convenience of having it electronically and avoid having to leave the car to open and close the door manually, if not expand the area entrance, pulling part of the wall and avoid having to maneuver to introduce cars and by the way because I put automatically.

Posted on November 15, 2017 Home Design

So I moved by different companies engaged in the installation of electronic gates for private garages and ask different budgets, fading away to be decided, to my misfortune for well, you’ll excuse me will not say his name, but for you give you a hint “Installation Garage Door” but in another language. It is not difficult, no?? The first on the forehead, when the closed budget, trade me comes and tells me after breaking the wall to enlarge the entrance to the garage, which will cost me a tad that lack of seriousness! And that I should have pulled back on my decision to stay with them, but I said on and that was my downfall, they were wrong on the model installed sectional 16×7 garage door.

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Squadron had hired the model, and instead goes and I installed the sectional door model!! As I get home with the car and I saw that, I called the business to tell and proceeded to uninstall the wrong door and installing 16×7 garage door model hired less!! Then they go wrong and took the initial steps for proper installation of the automatic door that led to the final results was significantly altered from the initial project that spoke to me. The engine of the contracted door, withdrew from the center of the ceiling, check that did not complete the game opening and closing the door correctly.

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The company opted to change its location and proceed to install it on one side of the door, and put another engine other than agreed to open and close the door features. After filtration of rainwater from the outside to the inside of the garage was observed. The spikes of masonry were not carried as due diligence, producing water from rain formed puddles inside the garage and affecting vehicles parked inside, and the mechanism and the cables that hold the 16×7 garage door. I withdrew because if a differential light without my consent and was located in the garage to isolate the electrical system of the home garden.