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Staining pressure treated lumber – Pressure-treated wood is a wood that is treated to protect wood. According Wolman, treatment protects wood from insects such as termites, putrefaction and decay. While protecting some problems, still it requires wood finishing, as it is protected from water or elements. UV protection and water conservation are still needed for wood. Sand rough spots on wood with sandpaper. Generally, 400-grit sandpaper is ideal for a smooth finish on wood.

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Staining pressure treated lumber dramatically and permanently changes appearance of wood, so always test before applying a stain to furniture. One option is to try stain on an area of part that will not be shown – as bottom or back of a dresser. Because each spot produces a distinctive look in different types of wood, it is essential to use a piece of same wood as furniture is made. Apply a preservative for wood. Condom is a preparatory phase of pressure-treated wood.


Application of a staining pressure treated lumber or finished product without preparing wood can cause problems with wood later. Apply product to be preserved in accordance with specific instructions and allow work on wood for a month or two, as indicated by instructions. Usually product is applied with a brush and requires at least one month before wood is ready for finishing. Apply finished product. Finished product has many forms ranging from a slick exterior finishes with UV protection and final water-based or water-oil, moisture-resistant finish and wooden protection elements. Specific product is a personal preference. Select a product indicates that it is for pressure-treated wood. Use a brush and cover timber with finished product. Allow finish to dry. Drying times are different for each product and number of hands. Add a second or third hand as favorite.

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With so many coloring products on market, it can be confusing. Remember, staining pressure treated lumber is nothing more than a means of adding color to carry out design of wood grain. Although wide range of coloring products on market can seem confusing, remember that stain is more than a means of adding color to wood. Staining can be used to darken wood, to carry out a pattern of grain, to make a single variety of wood looks like another or to accentuate details or accessories furniture. Spots consist of three components: pigments, colorants and a vehicle. carrier determines whether stain is oil or water-based.