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Kitchen cabinet design ideas – Kitchen cabinets are the biggest feature in your kitchen, so they are the first thing people see when they walk into the room. If the design of the cabinets you have just not working for you, the money you spend on the new cabinet a smart investment that will increase the value of your home. However, if your cabinets just need a little updating, it can be done quite easily and will give your kitchen a whole new look. Function kitchen cabinet design ideas, the first thing to be considered when looking to update your cabinets are their functionality. Need more cabinet space? Need pull-out shelves, or other special features in your cupboard that makes the things you store it easier to find and more accessible? Need specialized cupboard space for things like spices, gourmet cookware or other items? Look at your life, your habits, your needs and desires and to ensure that the design of your cabinets serve them.

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Install large, rectangular, white kitchen cabinet design ideas made of 6-inch-wide vertical wooden panels for a subtle stripe pattern in your kitchen. Add cherry hardwood floors and countertops, as well as round, cherry wood cabinet door handles. Use white walls, white porcelain sink and a traditional wreath with white porcelain handles. Installing a white, retro style stove, refrigerator and dishwasher.

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Add an inviting and relaxed feel to the white kitchen cabinet design ideas by adding colorful accent pieces. If you love sunflowers and the color blue, use sunflower-patterned curtains and storage container with a blue sink mat and blue-framed sunflower pictures. If you love red and white check pattern, use a sink red carpet, red-framed pictures and red breadbox. Add red-white check curtains, storage containers, table linen and spoon holder.

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Modern kitchen cabinet design ideas using white kitchen cabinet design ideas incorporating bold colors and crisp lines to create a powerful style. Cover the floor with black marble tiles and using white plaster or white tile walls. Create beautiful, square, white cabinets, and add small, thin, rectangular silver door handles. Add thin boxes on top of the cabinets and the use of black marble countertops. Add an angular stainless steel fridge, stove, dishwasher, microwave and sink. Hang some creative lighting pieces from the roof to pull your modern kitchen design together. Use short, wide, silver boxes for subtle kitchen ceiling lights or flat black boxes bold ceiling. Add black and white curtains on a rectangular, silver thread. Hang a simple, silver wire spice rack on a plain wall and fill it with black and white marble spice jars.