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Closets by design reviews – Every tenant wants more closets in the hall, and every third annoyed at the lack of storage space. Hem & Hyra let Bucket investigate the situation at the entrance. A thousand people responded to the survey. Large families with small children are most annoyed, but also unemployed persons interfere in clutter in the hall. There is no firm Swedish standard for closets and the like. Building Regulations stipulates only that there should be “entrance area with space for coats, etc.,” and that there should be “space and furnishings for storage.”

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Tenancy Act says nothing about the closets by design reviews in the apartment finds tenants’ union lawyer PG Nystrom. But you can always negotiate with the landlord. Often it is enough that the tenant association has been easier to achieve results than a single tenant, partly because the tenant association usually has a negotiation procedure that allows the landlord is obliged to negotiate. Karin Lindeberg’s investigators Tenants Association and represents the tenants in the Board. Will bring together landlords, builders and other stakeholders in the construction business a few times a year to exchange experiences and views on the property and the rules for construction. Storage space has shifted over the years.

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However, to reduce costs, it is not so common nowadays. The Contemporary open solutions with fewer walls means, less space for storage, such as cabinets and shelves. One explanation for the craving for more closets by design reviews can be that modern people can afford to buy more clothes than previous generations. On the other hand, young people have not had time to gather as much, says Lindenberg. This is confirmed by the survey young people and single people are less irritated than average. The survey also shows that every third asked tenant would appreciate the under floor heating in the hall, while only one in ten wants more shoe cabinets or better opportunity to sit down.

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After the initial design closets by design reviews, when you have decided on the place where the plan to install the storage system chosen their internal content, the scene will choose design closet doors. Standard equipment blind facades of particle board mirrored walls and their various combinations. This is the most low-end solution, in addition to making it possible to correct the deficiencies in the room for example, to extend it with mirrors. In practice often combined in a single product multiple types of fronts to provide a variety of interior design solutions.