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Cast iron tub refinishing – Your old porcelain sink and tub are made of cast iron with porcelain enameled cooked on its surface. When the porcelain is damaged, it becomes discolored or some unseemly way is a way to revitalize covers it with paint special that restores shine. Before you can paint on porcelain, you have to tarnish, this requires chemicals and equipment specific. Ask your provider improvement home for the right material, including equipment of security, which is crucial.

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Cast iron tub refinishing bath can be a lovely addition to your room bathroom provided it is in good condition and has the maintenance adequate. Old claw-foot tubs are usually made of cast iron and tend to rust, if they have not been adequate. A few layers of foundation and paint quality can restore the look of your cast iron bathtub, helping to prevent further damage and prolonging its life useful. Harpy outside the tub with sandpaper grit 150. Do this until you have removed all the paint flakes. Apply a base corrosion resistant cast iron bathtub, such as Rust-Oleum oil. The base will help the paint to properly adhere to the surface and prevent corrosion damage your bathtub.

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Cast iron tub refinishing, put on protective equipment. Hydrofluoric acid applied on the porcelain surface with a brush. Let sit for 15 minutes so that the brightness is opaque. Rinse well. Sets the spray paint primer porcelain. It covers the surface of the porcelain with applying the primer in an even layer. Let dry for four to six hours. Apply a second coat of primer. Let stand overnight. Fill the spray paint polyurethane compound. Apply to the surface in the same manner as with the primer, with a thin, uniform layer. Let the paint dry for six hours. Apply a second coat. Let it dry six hours. Add at least two more layers of polyurethane paint and up to 10, depending on the brightness level you prefer. Let dry topcoat for 24 hours and re-install the fittings.

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Cast iron tub refinishing, re-install cast iron tub improves the appearance of your bathroom by adding old world charm. The installation process is simple, but labor intensive. Lifting and installation of such a heavy tub is cumbersome and not a task for one person should complete without an assistant. Move the bathtub in the place where it will get out of it. Prepare the floor under the tub by placing about 12 inches of foam filling the bathtub can rest before installing the feet.