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Bathroom remodel ideas – Even if you love spa bathroom style, you’re at a gas station bathroom kind of budget. The granite and ceramic floor may be a little out of reach, but you can still renew the space. Replace what you can afford and adjust the rest, painting and coating every surface you cannot stand and live with the rest. One of the cheapest ways to change the look of any room is color. For a spa look, paint the walls and cupboards with pale, neutral colors. Go bold with saturated colors such as cobalt blue, fuchsia or deep red, accented by white cabinets. For a warm look, paint the walls a deep gold. Always moisture resistant paint, for example one with an eggshell finishes. Spice up crown molding and trim with a layer of color, with white for a clean look or chocolate brown for a warmer effect.

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Vanity hardware bathroom remodel ideas, once you have the vanity cabinet painted, bathrooms updated with new hardware. Handles, pulls and cabinet knobs to change the cabinet with little expense. You may be able to save more money by scanning a few flea markets and yard sales for hardware that matches your taste.

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Accessories, shower curtains, towels and mats go a long way when you are bathroom remodel ideas your bathroom. These vary in price, so retail sales to get the best deals. Paint the bathroom neutral tones, and take in the pops of color with these accessories. Choose a white shower curtain, towels and a rug for a clean look. Fill glass jars with cotton swabs, cotton balls, bath salts and other presentable toiletries, and a display on the counter.

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Small Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Fixtures, if you have money, replacing the tub, toilet and sink is ideal for a bathroom remodel ideas, but not practical for every budget. You can keep fixture that is, live with whatever color and style they are and thorough cleaning to make them look as good as new. Some games, however, may not be feasible as they are. For the color-challenged bathtubs, sinks and toilets, you can paint them with color fixture, following directions very carefully to avoid bubbles and chips in the paint. Since replacing fixtures can be a little out of your budget, your best bet is to change the look by replacing hardware. Upgrade your faucets and shower head, with the same metal finish hardware and fixtures. New seizure updates the style in the bathroom, and save money by not having to replace luminaries.