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Basement Floor Drain Cover – Basement drainage systems are a very important piece of your home. Water will be prevented from causing damage to the basement, and therefore to the whole house. The most common solution for water infiltration problems is a drain in the soil. Converting an unfinished basement into usable space can provide plenty of extra space at a reasonable price. An element that offers much comfort is a complete bathroom. Although this presents some unique obstacles, they can be overcome with the proper planning and equipment.

Posted on November 23, 2017 Home Ideas

Locate the new bathroom directly below the existing one, if possible. This will ensure easy access to water lines and drains also the basement floor drain cover. This will not only make the installation easier and faster but will also help reduce the cost of materials. Do not use the same electrical connections as in the existing bathroom. You will need an exclusive circuit for the new bathroom to operate directly from the fuse box.

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Frames the new bathroom using metal rivets or pressure treated wood. Before starting to install the drywall, install your plumbing as well as the electrical connections. Use the circuit breaker for ground fault throughout the bathroom. This device protects you from fatal shocks in damp environments. Place a cold water line in the shower, sink and toilet. You will need a hot water line in the sink and shower. Connect any nearby conduit that provides heat and air to the new room. Once all facilities are in place, install the drywall or other wall covering as the basement floor drain cover.

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Install your own toilet with a high cistern. The toilet is equipped with a pump that removes waste water and is very reliable. In addition, the toilet has drain ports from the sink and shower. This will allow you to take the three items with a single device. Once the toilet is in place, install the water connection, hold the drain also the cover and connect the unit. Your toilet should work perfectly also the basement floor drain cover.

Install the sink and shower and attach the tubing you installed in step 2. Connect the drains to the toilet and end up framing the shower enclosure. Now you are ready to paint the ceiling and walls. Once the paint is dry, install your basement floor drain cover and any decorative object such as towel racks or first aid kits.