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Bachelors Chest – bachelors chest are short dressers who often equipped with some kind of board over the tabletop. Many designs call for three oblong drawers in the body of the chest that opens outward as in a standard dresser or dresser. At most, the typical bachelor chest not is more than 36 inches (91.44 cm), making it ideal for use in several areas of the home. The origin of bachelor chest is generally considered to in the 18th century. While small, the breast usually had plenty of space to store basic hygiene kits, clean shirts and other necessities that the unmarried male would need.

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While bachelors chest are still produced today, they are now used as a home accessory that provides extra storage space in the home. The height complements typically the height of the mattress on the bed, making the breast is the perfect opportunity to add storage to your room while table space for lamps, reading glasses and books. Since bachelors chest furniture is usually made up of wood, it is possible to color or pain on the outside to blend in with just about any decor.

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The chest is especially useful in homes where there is limited storage space, such as an efficiency apartment. The typical design of bachelors chest is high enough to come up to the top of the arm of many sofa and chair design, thus giving the table space for lamps, picture frames or other decorating element desired. Meanwhile, the storage in drawers for DVDs, writing material or anything else that needs to be within reach, but stored out of sight.

Because of the small size of bachelors chest ideas, you piece of furniture can also be used in hallways, such as location on the end of a hall. When combined with a mirror mounted on the end wall of the hall and a lamp on the table, put your chest fast storage for keys, gloves, or other items that must be placed quickly before you leave home. The bachelor’s chest design ideas also make it possible to provide mood lighting in the hallway without using pole lamps or overhead lighting.

Besides the traditional wood tabletop are also possible ideas for bachelors a chest designed purchased with a marble slab. This option can help the masculine lines and dark wood stain as many boxes alleviate this type, giving a different texture to the room decor.

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