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Hipster bedroom ideas – Although science is brilliant to explain many phenomena, it is still too simple to use mathematical formulas to define a hipster – and thus a person’s cultural preferences – believe the author of this article. What is it that characterizes hipster? Is that where they live, what they wear, what they do, how and where they spend their leisure time, or is it to be hipster a state of mind? It is an expression that is very used but hard to explain.

Posted on December 1, 2017 Home Design

What is a hipster? But the question of whom or what determines whether a person is hipster remains open and a way also unspoken. Hipster bedroom ideas adopted the lifestyle of the jazz musician, including their jargon, sarcastic humor, their dress, the relaxed attitude, etc. Although in its infancy, the hipster style was for the few, for the few who wanted to make a difference, the fact is that the hipster style has reached many corners and has become a very commercial style. With an air of nostalgia for the past and concern for the environment, take advantage of the markets to find decorative items and clothing second-hand, which in combination with the new, gives your look both personal and household an air unique, between old-fashioned and the opposite.

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Hipster bedroom ideas style seems past, but really some of the clothes or decorative items are brand new, purchased in specialty stores. Things made by hand and / or restored part of this style. The Do it yourself! It is their motto and the hipster drives them crazy. As I mentioned at the beginning, this style comes from the culture of independent music, but also film and other areas. Wearing glasses gives them a more intellectual air, especially pasta .

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Dress with many layers, onion style. For example, a shirt and over an open shirt and scarf; a dress with leggings and a sweater over … also like them a lot of T-shirts with a legend, hoodies and shoulder bags to store any technological device of last generation. Especially shoes that are comfortable: boots or sneakers. To these floral dresses with lace or love. And long hair loose, carefree, both for them and for them. Sometimes a straw hat or a cap covering his head. As a true hipster is also the door for inside, let’s see how your home. In general terms hipster bedroom ideas decor elements contain the most varied styles such as: vintage, retro, pop, bohemian, geek and kitsch.