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Tufted upholstered bed –  headboards are common pieces in history of furniture. From simplest to most sophisticated, such as “Capitoné”, fit all decorative styles. From classical to baroque designs, with shapes that also combine wood frames, to modern and simple, smooth, square or rectangular shapes, there are many to choose upholstered headboard.

Posted on December 6, 2017 Home Furniture

When choosing a head we must not forget its main function: to prevent chafing we head to wall, and prevent cushions and pillows from getting between wall and bed. Even also it serves as insulation from cold wall, providing a greater sense of warmth to rest. Thus, besides head has a nice design and perfectly integrated into decor keep in mind that fulfills its main function. Still another advantage of head is that we can provide extra convenience if you usually read in bed or watch TV because we are able to support our back on a comfortable base and not directly on wall. To achieve this extra comfort in your bedroom are ideal tufted upholstered bed as they tend to have a soft and quality material.

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Queen Tufted Bed SetSize: 1024 x 747

As we have pointed in this post, tufted upholstered bed becomes focus of our bedroom so it is essential that it is perfectly integrated into bedroom decor, in coherence with other elements. Just keep in mind that headboards of dark tones tend to give more depth to room, while light colors provide amplitude effect, ideal when you want to get a more minimalist effect or rooms are already overloaded. Most used colors are usually light gray, beige, ivory, or similar colors that can easily be combined. At present, due to space problems we usually have in our homes, with decreasing amplitude is very usual place in room a storage base for extra storage space. If this couch is upholstered and ideally combine upholstered couch with head with same color so that demos sense of harmony.

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Some also prefer more daring and give a touch of color to tufted upholstered bed incorporating a head of a color contrasting with other elements. In this case you can finish merging head with other elements such as pillows, quilts, with curtains or a painting. On other hand, when choosing color of head should take into account color of wall. If we have a coated wall paper wall with a pattern we can put couch with a matching color in fabric or smooth or embossed with leatherette. It is now up to each of our preferences and inclinations, because as they say, “for taste, colors.”