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Vintage alarm clock – The alarm remains indispensable in most homes. Although there are many who have replaced the cell phone alarm, the truth is that remains a symbolic and decorative piece for any room. Although it would break the morning when it sounds, we have to try to make it as attractive as possible to begin the day with more energy. The following clock is inspired by the 50s and 60s but has some other modern feature that makes us forget for a few moments his looks vintage.

Posted on October 24, 2017 Home Ideas

Besides having alarm, it has FM and AM radio and you can connect an MP3 player to listen to music through the speakers that incorporates. It is a plated model gold and the back cover finished stainless steel. It comes with matching arms and shows a metallic sphere, in white / gray, combining Arabic numerals and indices, finished in gold like needles. The outer ring is decorated with guilloche and has central seconds and red needle tip to set the vintage alarm clock accurately thanks to the inner circle of blue digits divide time into quarters.

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Vintage Alarm Clock FlipSize: 1752 x 1168

It has two crowns located at two and four. The first serves to win the alarm and pulling out, set the vintage alarm clock and activate it, while the second is used to load the machine and set the time. The unit, anti-magnetic and mounted machinery over 17 rubies, it is equipped with the Incabloc system and is engraved on the dial the brand name and technical specifications, data are completed on the back with the serial number and contrast Swiss quality. Uncrowned measured 3.8 centimeters in diameter by 0.8 thick and weighs 82 grams, it comes with Plexiglas glass and the sound of alarm bell is crisp and clear.

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Vintage alarm clock model, like others with similar characteristics, can serve as a starting point to get started in collecting wristwatches with alarm function, a very entertaining field due to the variety of brands that develop and the wide range of models and finishes that can be found in the vintage market. A road followed by other manufacturers like Longines, Vulcain, Movado and Zenith, using different mechanisms to achieve crisp, clear sound by beating hammer on the box or on a gong / bell resonance. Investigated special alloys to build these metal parts and ensure the best sound, and also work on finding more appropriate boxes in shape and design. This about vintage clock.