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Corrugated plastic roofing sheets – If your home does not have a garage, a carport provides limited protection from the weather for your vehicle. Adding corrugated plastic roofing sheets of a carport is a relatively simple project that requires only common hand tools. This type of roof is usually in the 26-inch-wide sheet which may be as long as 20 meters. Because they can be drilled and cut without damage, they are relatively easy to install. These panels have a UV coating to prevent damage from the sun’s rays. There are also other types of corrugated plastic roofing sheets panels such as glass fiber-reinforced panels.

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Measure the width and depth of the carport with a tape measure. The measurements will help you estimate how many roofing sheets you need to complete the project. Place the first plastic sheet on the carport frame along from the house, which is the lower end of the roof. The sheet should be oriented vertically. Leave about 1/2 inch of overhang at the edges of the roof.

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Drill holes the plastic of the frame the joists at 4-inch intervals. Place a flexible seal ring of each hole. Insert and tighten the 3-inch screws the rings and plastic roof to the frame. Cut off the tip of a sealed tube at 45 degrees with scissors. Load tube in a tight gun and press the shutter button. Apply the seal to the edges of the corrugated plastic roofing sheets where the next sheet will overlap.

Place a second sheet of plastic, overlapping the first sheet by one corrugation. Repeat the process for drilling holes and installing sealing rings and screws to attach the plate to the frame. Repeat this process until the first line is completed, ensuring that the sheets extend beyond the edges of the roof by 1/2 inch. If needed, a second row, overlapping the first row by 12 inches. Use a reciprocating saw for cutting sheets needed to suit. Continue to install sheet until the roof is covered.

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Cutting a section of metal flashing to the width of the carport, by cutting. Bend the twinkling of an L-shape and place it where the carport faces the house. Drill a hole, placing seals over the holes and insert 2-inch screws to secure the flashing to the side of the house and carport frame. Apply a bead of sealant along the edges of the flashing.